Bianca Maya Foltyn

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Gold Coast Area, QLD

Bianca’s extensive experience in counselling, coupled with her tender-hearted kindness allow her to create and hold a nurtured and nourishing space for women to explore their relationship with themselves in purity.

Bianca’s embodiment of the healing effects of Yoni Mapping gives her a special sensitivity around what is possible in the innocent, natural, safe and exploratory space of a session in this modality.

Born and raised in South Africa, Bianca moved to the United States as a teenager and then emigrated to Australia in her twenties. As the child of Polish parents fleeing the reverberating fallout of post-war Europe, Bianca has an intimate understanding of the effects of inter-generational trauma the human capacity to transcend personal tragedy.

Bianca is in deep service to humanity, having felt the call as a child of nine, when she vowed to become a wisdom keeper and guide. In devotion, she has spent the last 22 years working as a healer and guide, obtaining her Masters in Counselling, she is qualified in both Bowen Therapy and Theta Healing.

Born with a natural ability to empower and align people with their truth, Bianca understands humility is the vehicle through which divine gifts come. She is constantly fine tuning her skills and learning how to develop the gifts she was born with.

Testimonials from Bianca’s clients:


“The session was beautifully thought out with attention paid to safe boundaries and clear communication at all times. Bianca’s touch was so gentle and nurturing, and the whole time we kept talking through the sensations in my yoni and how my whole body was responding. I was amazed at how responsive my body was, to both the pleasurable feelings and the uncomfortable states as well. The best gift I took away with me though was a new understanding of how I could give this intimacy to myself. I was learning new skills to talk to my yoni and listen to my body. I loved my session so much and think it is a beautiful gift to receive for oneself. Bianca is gifted and clear and exciting to learn with, and I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to recommend her to anyone interested in this work. Thank you Bianca!”

– Jem Nicholas


“I had my first yoni mapping session with Bianca recently and overall it was an incredibly beautiful experience. Bianca was an amazing facilitator of such a deeply intimate journey. She was very soft and gentle in her approach and I felt safe and supported during the experience. My body and particularly my yoni is feeling very nurtured now after our session. I sense a new level of awareness and connection to myself. It’s a really beautiful feeling! Thank you Bianca.”

– Kerrie Smith

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