Bonnie Bliss

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Byron Bay area, NSW

Bonnie Bliss is the ‘mama’ of the modality – she’s the one who created this whole Yoni Mapping Therapy thing.

As the lead facilitator of the Yoni Mapping Therapy Practitioner training course (a dream come true for her!), Bonnie is continually blown away by the amazing tribe of practitioners she is now surrounded by and honoured to be able to support women in this way.

She also co-createdThe Yoniverse with Elise Savaresse, a series of epic workshops & retreats founded on the need for REAL, high quality sex education for adults.

Having spent many years travelling the world, basically accumulating all the vagina-related wisdom and experience she could (literally!) get her hands on, Bonnie has a background of study in Somatic Sexology, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Urogenital osteopathic bodywork, Ka Huna massage, Holistic Pelvic Care, Taoist therapeutic bodywork & traditional Tantric yoga & yogic philosophy.

Inspired by human relationships, the wisdom of our bodies & the beauty of the natural world, she also loves tea, candles, mood lighting and spontaneous giggle-fits.

After too many crazy years of travelling or being a country girl in the city, Bonnie now lives with her amazing partner, Ben, on a farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. As the creator of the modality, Bonnie no longer offers separate Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions like the other practitioners, but offers a one month deep dive process called the ‘Yoni Mapping Journey’ – with a Yoni Mapping Therapy session and follow up coaching and support over a month to explore new ways of being with your body and your Yoni and weave it into your daily life and self care.

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Testimonials from Bonnie’s clients:

“Bonnie holds the most divine, nourishing and SAFE space. I instantly felt calm, and exactly where I needed to be. Bonnie guided me through my trauma with such care, grace and absolute honouring. It was fascinating to feel parts of myself that I had NEVER ever felt. I can’t really put in to words what transpired… Except that it was one of the most profound and deeply healing experiences of my life!”

– Sue-Ellen, Byron Bay

THANK YOU so much for our session. I woke up the next day feeling empowered about my yoni and with a new found sense of knowledge and love for her.
I am truly so grateful, you’ve provided a much needed stepping stone for me to embrace stepping into womanhood.
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart (and Yoni!)”

– Corinne, Gold Coast

“Bella Bliss is a dedicated, loving and deeply caring midwife for women’s sexual health and bliss. What an extraordinary example of compassionate leadership! May lots of women flock to her and benefit from her pioneering insights into essential ancient wisdom.”

– Kirsten Stendevad, Denmark

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