Brigette Rossiter

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Melbourne VIC

Brigette is a woman of pure heart and embodied intelligence. She has travelled a journey with a number of stops along the way, including studies of psychology, yoga, and Steiner education, each of which have nourished her fascination with human behaviour and why we are as we are.

For many years Brigette lived in what she described as a ‘fog’; a life lived in accordance with the desires of others, and in disconnection from her body, her heart, her yoni, her spirit.

This fog began to lift when she experienced her first ecstatic dance class, within which she uncovered a wisdom and wildness within her that had been hidden for far too long. Fear evolved in to courage, and Brigette left a life that was keeping her confused, disconnected, and shamed.

From there Brigette has been on an extraordinarily potent journey of self-exploration & throughout these adventures she discovered a love for the healing power of touch, an awe for the strength of woman & an admiration for the wisdom of embodiment.

These core inspirations underpin Brigette’s passion for Yoni Mapping, and her wish for every woman to learn and love the immense power that she holds.

Brigette is inspired by the magic of nature, and how its seasons and cycles are reflected within our feminine essence. You will often find her staring at the night sky through the trees at her home in Warrandyte, splashing around in the river, or on one of the many dance floors around Melbourne.

Brigette offers sessions in the Melbourne area – Collingwood, Warrandyte and ocassionally Torquay and Geelong.

Testimonial from one of Brigette’s clients:

“My yoni mapping session with Brigette was very special.
I’ve never done anything like it before, and Brigette was exceptionally professional, kind and PRESENT for the whole three hours.
The session itself was illuminating, liberating, unifying, and inspiring.
This work is important…women of all ages deserve to feel a deep, intimate connection with their yoni.
I would recommend yoni mapping with Brigette to everyone!
Thank you for doing this work, and thank you for your presence, it truly is a gift!”

Kat, Melbourne

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