Louisa Miranda

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast (QLD / NSW border)

Embodying gentle strength and joyful vibrancy, Louisa’s wisdom, vulnerability and courageous humanity creates a space of reverence and curiosity, with an ever present invitation to go deeper.

In 2015, she experienced a powerful initiation into the necessity of self-compassion and self-care, when her lifelong, low-grade anxiety suddenly reached panic levels and she realised she was beyond her capacity to cope.

Her longing for wholeness lead her into an exploration of all the different aspects of self; physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual. The insights and experiences gleaned in this process are what she draws on and weaves into her sessions.

Discovering the healing power of embodiment and presence, she realised that all healing is self-healing; ‘help’ as it comes through the prism of self-compassion is what ALLOWS healing to penetrate the layers of stuff that get in the way of love.

In the process of enquiry and healing, she realised no one spoke with her about sexuality nor touched her breasts or genitals. It was as if there were parts of her that were in exile.

She began to wonder why. Why are our breasts and genitals untouchable? Are they only for sex? Who made that rule?

It dawned on her that our bodies are divided along invisible lines of taboo, and while we remain divided we will struggle to find wholeness as beings. She is passionate about creating space and opportunities for women to experience the wholeness that is their birthright.

Testimonial from one of Louisa’s clients:

“I feel like your session helped in many ways, such as, my energy levels have changed and I’m learning to take more time out for myself.
I even bought myself a big bunch of flowers after our session last week!
Also, my relationship with my partner has become stronger, we have become more open with each other.
I feel like I have my energy flow back!
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and I look forward to practicing the techniques of self love that you have included.”

– Maggie

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