Are you ready to REALLY love your body?
Would you like to discover the amazing hidden world of your pelvis and Yoni?
Is it time to nurture your pelvic wellbeing and connect on a deeper level?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina, the entire female genitalia, reproductive system and pelvic space.  

It also translates to ‘source of all life’ and ‘birthplace of creation’.

However, in our culture, it’s so easy to feel disconnected from the sacredness and power of our incredible female bodies. We’re often affected by porn culture, body image challenges, intense medical intervention during birth, past sexual experiences that weren’t exactly respectful,  the lack of adequate sex education and basically the pervasive idea that our female bodies are shameful and somehow ‘wrong’.

“If you want to know where your true power lies, go to those places you’ve been taught to fear the most. Your orgasm, your period, labour & birth, menopause.. this is where your real power lies.  In the sacred temple of your pelvis.”

Dr Christiane Northrup, OBGYN

‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’, is a pelvic wellness modality for women developed by Bonnie Bliss. 

It is a gentle and respectful ‘guided tour’ of your most mysterious region –

the amazing female pelvis, designed to support to to bring more sensitivity, relaxation and awareness

to the wondrous world within your body. 


This is our incredible group of practitioners from all over Australia and the world…

If you’re interested to explore this modality, you can get in touch with a Yoni Mapping Therapist. 


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Yoni Mapping Therapy

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