I’m fascinated by the sheer joy of witnessing my clients discovering more of the potential of their bodies – it’s a huge driving force behind why I do this work.

Discovering aspects of themselves that were previously hidden or unknown.
Getting really curious about their inner pelvic landscape.

Opening to explore unexplored terrain. 
Feeling unexpected emotions arising in unexpected places.

Different or new physical sensations. 
Spaces that are soft and relaxed.
Areas of surprising pleasure. 
Or tension and restriction.

Spaces that have never been touched before.
Spots that actually could *really* do with a massage!
Just an awareness of the body on another level.
From the inside out.

Nothing needs to be done with this sense of awareness.
It’s not a thing to tick off your to-do list.
It’s just incredible to experience and to witness.
|And there’s always more to discover –  it’s an ongoing journey.
(That’s the exciting bit!)

When I feel more connected to my body –
When I feel more aware of my inner landscape…
There’s a sense of power in it for me.
I KNOW myself on a deeper level.
I’m discovering more of who I am.


The other day I received THIS beautiful sharing from a recent client – her reflection process after the Yoni Mapping Therapy session (which I’ve shared here with her permission because it was insightful for me to read about her journey!)

“My breasts seem to have come alive since our session. I thought it was really interesting when i started crying after you massaged my breasts. I never associated my breasts with any emotion, but now i’m feeling right into them and the emotions they carry.

I’ve also become very aware of my cervix. Like, all of a sudden i’m just very aware of where it is in my body and find that my attention is just there a lot of the time.

It’s really cool, this whole business of noticing aspects of my body that have always been there, but that have never been brought to my attention. I’m really excited to keep exploring these hidden treasures of my body. Hidden in plain sight.

Since our session i’ve also noticed that i’ve given myself more permission to just be the sensual goddess that i am. It’s a slight shift of feeling more entitled to just stand in a store and smell all the different yummy oils or sit in the sunshine without feeling like i need to be ‘doing something productive’. I think i would usually put a little more guilt on myself for taking moments like this, but i can feel that guilt dissipating.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing the work you do. It’s so important and relevant, and i’m sure you’ve already changed the lives of countless women in unfathomable ways.”

~Cat, Byron Bay area

Messages like this remind me how grateful I am to be able to offer Yoni Mapping Therapy. It’s always an journey of discovery – best approached with willingness, curiosity and an adventurous spirit. 

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