Bree Calarco

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Sydney’s Northern Beaches NSW

Bree Calarco is a Yoni Mapping Therapist, Naturopath and Red Tent facilitator in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

She is into nature, medicinal plants, philosophy, mysticism and all things creative. She lives in an amazing tranquil solace away from the hustle and bustle of the city buzz. She is particularly passionate about women’s menstrual health, natural contraception and fertility.

Bree was inspired to do this work due to the immense value of offering this into a world where there is not yet enough avenues for women to quench their pelvic / yoni related questions, curiosities and challenges.

Her past experience has involved an assortment of jobs before moving towards a more peaceful life of private piano teaching, working with a women’s community building association and girls’ mentorship / rites of passage.

An interesting thing about Bree is that she really loves books and collects far more than she actually reads so she has this overflowing library of good intentions!

Testimonial from one of Bree’s clients:

“I can’t get over how lovely the whole process was and how empowered I feel from it. You were impeccable… You held space for me in the best possible way and made it so comfortable and soothing for me. I just love the shift you’ve brought to me. Thank you!  You were the perfect balance of warm and professional. I truly would recommend that experience to any woman who wanted to grow in self love and awareness.”

~ Eliza, Sydney

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