Brighid Rose

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Byron Bay Shire, NSW

Brighid is a woman of pure heart and embodied intelligence. She has a deep fascination for the complexity of human experience, and this has lead her along many paths of education and exploration over the years, including this very journey of Yoni Mapping Therapy. Brighid is currently expanding her knowledge and capacities within the therapeutic field through studying her Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy at IKON Institute, Melbourne.

Brighid has been on a grand adventure of self-exploration over the past five years, since bravely stepping away from a life that was keeping her hidden, confused, and shamed. Throughout this potent journey of reconnection and remembering, she discovered a love for the healing power of touch, an awe for the strength of woman & an admiration for the wisdom of embodiment.

Her passion for dance and self-expression has been the fuel for her fiery heart, and has lead her into many forms of creative workshops and performances. Brighid facilitates sexuality and embodiment-based workshops across Melbourne, including The Yoniverse and Paint Your Empowered Pussy. She also channels her creativity through performance art, dancing with troupes such as WildGrace and Eclectica at festivals and events.

These core inspirations underpin Brighid’s passion for Yoni Mapping, and her wish for every woman to learn and love the immense power that she holds.

Brighid is inspired by the magic of nature, and how its seasons and cycles are reflected within our feminine essence.

Brighid offers sessions in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

Connect with Brighid through her website here: www.brighidrose.com

Or email Brighid here: brighidrosetemple@gmail.com

Testimonials from Brighid’s clients:

“My yoni mapping session with Brighid was very special.  I’ve never done anything like it before, and Brighid was exceptionally professional, kind and PRESENT for the whole three hours.  The session itself was illuminating, liberating, unifying, and inspiring.  This work is important…women of all ages deserve to feel a deep, intimate connection with their yoni.  I would recommend yoni mapping with Brighid to everyone!  Thank you for doing this work, and thank you for your presence, it truly is a gift!”

Kat, Melbourne

“Brighid has been a huge support to help me resolve patterns from my body. I do a lot of meditation and other healing work, however, working with Brighid helped me to go to another level. The kind of energy, presence and wisdom she brings to each session is amazing. She is highly in tuned to what I need and where I am in each session and is able to meet me there. The importance of this work – the yoni work is beyond words and the importance of finding the right person to work with is equally important. 

I cannot recommend working with Brighid highly enough. This can help anyone to go deeper on this journey to understand oneself better, to what one needs/wants as a woman and to release the trauma that is stored in our yonis. As a working professional, this has become an important of my journey as I find myself easily cut off from my body with the stresses of being a modern woman and learning to balance my masculine and feminine sides. Deep gratitude Brighid, for your support during the last 6 months, for each of our powerful sessions and the safe container that you have created for me and my life to unfold.”

Sara, Melbourne


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