Cassiopeia Love

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Phoenix, Arizona USA

Cassiopeia is a truth seeking, edge dwelling, lover of life. She has a passion for the incredible healing power of authentic human expression and playful embodiment.

Over the past ten years she has explored many paths to healing and expansion, including reiki, yoga, dance, shadow integration, dreamwork, sound healing, ecstatic dance and meditative practices.

Cassiopeia has worked as a teacher in an orphanage in Ghana, where she drummed and danced with the locals. She has also lived off-grid deep in the jungles of Hawaii’s Big Island.¬†

It was during her own struggles with her body that she realized the importance of bringing women back to themselves, and helping them to awaken their feminine creative, and sexual power.

Discovering Yoni Mapping was Cassiopeia’s big ‘aha!’ moment..or rather, a series of big ‘aha!’ moments that keep coming. Yoni Mapping changed how she views her body, and the way she feels about herself..and now it is her wish that every woman discovers her own amazing Yoni in this way!

Cassiopeia’s website: www.wisdomyoni.com

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