Claudine Gertrude

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Byron Bay area NSW

Claudine Gertrude is a Yoni Mapping therapist, a Zen Shiatsu practitioner and offers Feminine Embodiment practices and coaching in classes, courses and 1:1.

Claudine embarked upon the path of conscious embodiment practices 20 years ago, realizing the importance of fully embracing the body as a conduit for spiritual and emotional growth. She is passionate about the interconnectedness of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our humanness – all culminating in an exploration of how these meet in the body; and how our human bodies connect and fit into the natural world.

Having deeply immersed herself in her own practices over the years she has come to honor and own her vulnerability, strength, aliveness and sexuality more fully. Reconnecting women to their internal knowing, sensuality and inner wilderness is her gift. Claudine is devoted to this path, and wholeheartedly walks her talk, bringing a strong sense of compassion and transformative energy to every relational experience she has.

She absolutely loves the Yoni Mapping sessions as there are so many aspects of what she loves and values coming together in one offering. It’s like a rite of passage, entering that unknown space where everything and nothing can happen, it’s the mystery, the magical realm where the next step is revealed. Claudine loves to be in that space with Woman, witnessing and holding space with deep presence, in absolute awe for all that Woman is.

Claudine’s website: www.claudine-gertrude.com.au

Testimonial from one of Claudine’s clients:

“Claudine is a Champion for Women’s Sexual Sovereignty. She’s a professional with a deeply caring and intuitive touch. Having a session with Claudine gave me much more clarity around my Yoni and the confidence in knowing Her from a Heart-centred space. I continue to practice in that way”.

– Zirala, Mullumbimby

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