Thank you so much for your interest in this work!

This website is just a hub for details about this modality – and listing the therapists,
but there are some different options for contacting someone, according to your request.

Are you trying to contact your Yoni Mapping Therapist?

If you’re trying to contact someone because you’ve booked in with them, please visit their personal website or email them directly using their personal email listed under their name on the Find a Therapist page. This website is just a directory of people who were trained under the same modality in 2017. It’s not a business and doesn’t represent individual practitioners.

Are you looking for a Yoni Mapping Therapist?

If you’re looking for a Yoni Mapping Therapist in your area – Please check the ‘Find a Therapist’ tab to see if we have anyone close by.

We currently have Yoni Mapping Therapists all over Australia and specific locations in Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand and the USA.

Please do not contact us to ask for recommendations in other areas etc, as all the therapists we personally recommend are on this website.

Are you looking for a therapist in another area?

If you’re looking for recommendations for Yoni Mapping Therapists in other areas (besides those on our list) , please note that ‘Yoni Mapping Therapy’ is a very specific healing modality for women taught by Bonnie Bliss – so all the trained practitioners and their locations are listed on this site.

Within Australia, some of our Yoni Mapping Therapists do travel to other areas from time to time, so do let us know if you’re looking for a therapist and it appears there is no-one listed in your area. It could also be a good idea to book a session in advance for next time you’re in a place where Yoni Mapping Therapy is available.

You may find practitioners that do related work, or modalities with similar approaches. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with recommendations outside of the therapists that we have trained. This field of therapy / bodywork is largely unregulated, so we do not consider it safe to recommend other therapists who we do not know personally.

Would you like to feature Yoni Mapping on your website / podcast / publication?

Please contact Bonnie for collaborations and press enquiries only (do not use this email for finding a practitioner / contacting a practitioner) –

Yoni Mapping Therapy