For the first few years I worked with women’s pelvic massage, I thought that pelvic scar tissue could only be the result of operations.

Operations like: C-section birth, episiotomy (where the perineum is cut during birth), hysterectomy, bowel surgery, surgery for endometriosis, or any other pelvic surgery.

I’d never had any pelvic operations so I was sure I didn’t have scar tissue affecting my pelvic health. Until I discovered a few years ago that scar tissue can actually form in the pelvis for other reasons too!

Scar Tissue can also be caused by:

*Injuries (like that time I feel down the attic stairs in Copenhagen and bent my coccyx! Ouch!!)

*Infections (which create inflammation)

*Past Trauma (rape / abuse / regular aggressive sex)

*IBS (and other inflammatory ‘diseases’)

*PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

*LEEP Procedures / Cervical Conization to treat Cervical Dysplasia

*Cervical tears (which occasionally happen during birth or IUD insertion / removal / ectopic pregnancy removal / abortion)

*Simply having bad posture (like most of us!)

*Being constantly out of alignment generally (creating unnecessary pressure and tension in parts of the pelvis)

… Essentially, MOST women will have some kind of scar tissue somewhere in the pelvis, formed at some point in their lives.

What does Scar Tissue Affect?

Scars form adhesions, which pull on the surrounding tissue and can create pain, tension, restriction of blood flow and lack of sensitivity.

These adhesions can move throughout the connective tissue of the body and affect areas that weren’t even near the original incision for the procedure / place of impact / concern. Scar tissue can even impinge on the nerves.

Obviously, if there’s pain, tension, less blood flow (which means erectile tissue can’t engorge properly) and compressed nerves – there’ll be less sensation and natural lubrication, which means less pleasure and probably also less desire for intimacy – and potentially a sense of disconnection from the pelvis and vagina.

And if you’re feeling a lack of sensation, lubrication, desire, pleasure and connection in the pelvis (or any combination of those) you’re probably not gonna be feeling so sexy, huh?

So scar tissue can actually affect LIBIDO. Say whaaaaat?

In certain cases, scar tissue can also affect our capacity to birth naturally (especially scar tissue on the cervix – because it can make cervical dilation difficult).

So what can we DO about this Scar Tissue?

Never fear – there are things we can do to reduce the negative side effects of scar tissue over time. Here are some ideas:

  • Developing correct alignment and postural habits that help your body to be in it’s most naturally relaxed state.

  • Not eating trashy food that contributes to inflammation in your body.

  • Create more relaxation and space for deep rest in your life to ease the stress and tension in your system generally.

  • Exercises and practices that nourish our nervous system and release old traumas – like restorative yoga and dance therapy.
  • Using Castor Oil packs on the scar to break down the adhesions (Castor oil is like kryptonite for scars!)

  • Have a Yoni Mapping Therapy session – where your practitioner can work directly with your scar tissue and all the surrounding areas.

If you’d like to know more about Pelvic Scar Tissue – I’d recommend Ellen Heed – she’s the Queen of Scar Tissue Remediation! She trains people all over the world in her work – S.T.R.E.A.M

Yoni Mapping Therapy