Deborah MacGillivray

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Brisbane QLD & Northern Territory

Deborah is a Yoni Mapping Therapist, Midwife and Mother.

For Deborah, the journey into Yoni Mapping Therapy felt like a natural progression from her work as a home birth midwife, working ‘with woman’. As a midwife she is revered within her community for her intimate knowledge of women and their bodies and her ability to stay calm and present, encouraging a woman to trust her body, to connect to her own inner wisdom and intuition to birth her baby.

Deborah has drawn inspiration from working ‘with woman’ to develop a strong passion and desire to journey with women on a deeper and more connected level. She feels that the ability to hold space for women as they delve into their own infinite wisdom and to guide them physically, spiritually and emotionally is a work of great love and gratitude.

If you were to ask where her heart lay it would be with her family, both human and furry. Deborah truly believes that family is not limited by blood but extended to those we hold dear to our hearts. So her family is huge and both her door and heart are always open.

Testimonials from Deborah’s clients:

“I never thought I’d have a yoni mapping session. Not that I’m sexually conservative – far from it, I just thought I didn’t NEED it.
Since my session with Deborah I have noticed the subtle yet very profound effect it has had on my relationship with my husband, myself and my yoni.

In Deborah’s womb like treatment room I felt completely safe and cocooned in her healing energy. Deborah’s innate ability to silently hold the space, respectfully listen both to my words and body allowed me the freedom I needed to OWN my vagina. For the first time in my life I owned all of my vagina. It wasn’t some holy grail for achieving an orgasm, or to birth life through. It wasn’t for someone else’s pleasure. It is mine. It is part of MY body.

My yoni is not a tool but a very physical and powerful piece of MY anatomy that allows me to co-create life AND connect to the very source of creation itself. I am eternally grateful to Deborah and highly recommend EVERY woman to have a yoni mapping session!

 The result is nothing short of miraculous!

P.S. yes my orgasms and sex have improved since my session –
which is unbelievable because we’re not doing anything different in our act of lovemaking.

Put simply; “I felt like I was being woven back in to myself, back to wholeness. I feel a deep softening in my womb spreading like light throughout my whole body and rippling into my every day life.”

~Rachel, 36 years, Brisbane

“The yoni mapping session I had with Deborah was an experience I will never forget. It was a journey of discovery, emotion and healing.

Deborah was very respectful, gentle, present and informative. She worked on my scar tissue from a previous birth, released tension in preparation for my impending birth and helped to open the doorway for me to new realms of self discovery.

After the therapy I felt lighter, energised and beautiful!  What an amazing gift I have received from Deborah.

Thank you! Highly recommended!”
~Kate, Brisbane

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