Elise Savaresse

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Byron Bay area, NSW

Elise Savaresse has been working with ‘Yoni Massage’ professionally for the past 4 years.

Her trainings in Yoni Mapping Therapy and Urogenital Osteopathic Bodywork Technique have given Elise a wider understanding of pelvic health and how to support women at different stages of their life, especially around pregnancy, much to her delight.

For Elise, love and presence are the keys to any healing and she endeavours to bring this into her sessions and touch. She likes to create a safe and deep space for the magic of the present moment to unfold in her sessions. Our bodies and Yonis have so much wisdom if we only listen…

Elise has been deeply involved in supporting women to explore and connect with the aliveness, power and wisdom that is held in their body and especially in their yoni for the past 4 years through her online programs, workshops and sessions. More recently, she co-created the Yoniverse workshops with Bonnie Bliss, which provide real sex education for both men and women around Australia.

A self-proclaimed “cheeky Frenchie”, Elise has always loved to have fun and play but it’s only a couple of years ago that she found herself blossoming through comedy improvisation, one of her favourite ways to spend an evening with friends.

Her love for the ocean and community has led Elise to Byron Bay where she lives, loves and surfs.

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Testimonials from Elise’s clients:

“Today I met my yoni in it’s most sweet pure and innocent essence. It felt like meeting a new part of me and my womanly experience. I have never experienced this sensation before. Working with Elise felt very natural but also I felt honoured, respected and safe at all times. Being touched the way she did touch me was a new and much treasured experience for me. Thanks you again, beautiful Elise, for this amazing session”

– Karin


“Recently I experienced a very transforming and deep session with Elise which I found was liberating on so many levels. She was able to guide and encourage me through the process with respect and love while allowing me to be myself without pressure or expectation. I am grateful for the experience and I wish that this kind of support had been available to me earlier in my life when I first became sexually active. It would have saved a lot of negative experiences! “

– Sue

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