The training course for Yoni Mapping Therapy Practitioners is proudly offered as a project of the Living Bliss Foundation. 


Yoni Mapping Therapy Training


This training is a 6 month intensive education, a collaboration between a team of facilitators and specialists in various fields, lead by Bonnie Bliss as the head facilitator.


The training combines online learning with in-person retreat education, bodywork training, extensive practice sessions, group mentoring and embodiment processes and practices, as well as a special interest project.


Dates for a potential training in 2018 are not yet set and it is not even sure that the training will be offered again (although we hope to be able to offer it!).


If you are interested to stay informed about future dates for Yoni Mapping Therapy Practitioner Training, do email us at and we’ll be sure that you know, as soon as we know. 

The Living Bliss Foundation


The Living Bliss Foundation was created in 2016 and is still in the very early stages of expanding into the world. (we still don’t have a proper website for the foundation – coming soon, hopefully!)


We are a group of individuals and practitioners committed to support women to release stress and overwhelm, reconnect to their bodies and cultivate pelvic wellness. We believe that our bodies are worthy of respect, from both ourselves and others, and that nourishing self care practices are essential life skills for all women.


We are committed to create courses, retreats and experiences for women that are empowering on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 


We especially intend to create spaces of emotional support and healing for women who are experiencing the effects of:

  • Challenging Childbirth 
  • Sexual Abuse / Sexual Trauma
  • Poor body image / body dysmorphia
  • Difficult medical experiences
  • Unexpected surgery or pelvic health issues
  • Reconnecting to their bodies and pelvic areas after birth
  • Living with chronic pelvic pain
  • Abortion, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy
  • A bumpy transition into menopause
  • A lack of adequate education / misinformation about their bodies

The intention is also to eventually be able to create projects that support women in developing countries to have access to education, resources and products related to sexual health, pelvic wellness and healing from sexual trauma.


Currently our major project is the Yoni Mapping Therapy Practitioner Training, where 25 women will soon be certified to offer this powerful pelvic wellness modality to women who would benefit from it all over Australia (and other parts of the world too!).


Living Bliss Foundation is undertaking research in areas including women’s pelvic health and wellness, the current state of education about body image, relationships and sexuality, sexual trauma, birth, motherhood and postpartum care.


If you’d like to be updated about the projects of the Foundation or if you are interested to be involved somehow, please do email us at

Yoni Mapping Therapy