Hayley Fleming

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Mid-North NSW Coast & Newcastle

In her personal world Hayley is a mother of two pre-teen children, an artist, musician and business woman who spends her days sharing her energy between her creative endeavours, Mookaburra Healing Centre, 1:1 clients and her partner & children.

For those human design folks, she is a 5/1 Projector.  Being a Projector as a therapist means Hayley has an innate capacity to attune to the deeper subtleties of her 1:1 clients and is able to guide them to access and utilise their unique medicine in an effective and efficient way. 

Her energy is very earthing, wholehearted, genuine and integrated and for those who are ready to see and know themselves she naturally offers a safe space for healing and transformation.

Hayley Fleming has been working with women, couples and families since 2010. Facilitating somatic experiencing events, somatic bodywork sessions, pre/postnatal support, birth support and as a talk therapist online for topics such as intimacy, life, grief relationships, human design, parenting, business/sexual/personal alignment. 

Hayley had countless hours of supporting women through major life transitions for approximately seven years before Yoni Mapping Therapy came into her world and she felt a big yes to this work as it felt like a very necessary evolution to her practice. She has travelled Australia as a mobile therapist to see new and past clients for Yoni Mapping Therapy and currently resides at Mookaburra Healing Centre on the NSW Mid North Coast where women travel to see her in her home therapy space. 

When it comes to the Yoni/Womb, the connections between them and the metaphysical body Hayley has hundreds upon hundreds of hours of experience in guiding women to get to know themselves, integrate their trauma, accept themselves and align with their desires in a very grounded, subtle, embodied & sustainable way. 

A session with Hayley always involves space for nervous system awareness, attunement and integration as she is very passionate about connecting people to the subtleties and wisdom of their nervous system and hormonal responses for trauma integration and personal life expansion. 

Sessions can involve, talk therapy, whole body touch, pelvic bodywork, inernal and external massage, internal mapping and always include clear communicaton and consent. Hayleys touch is firm, slow, intentional and nurturing. Her massage style is elemental and her hands always seem to land exactly where they need to go. From a young age her elders would offer her pocket money for her to massage their head and feet.

A session with Hayley is full of presence, she prioritises equilibrium in her life so she can provide this genuine nurturing for everyone she touches and everyone she meets. With her experience as a birth worker, Pre & Post Natal Clients has become one of Hayleys greatest passions. She believes that for every pregnancy a new mother is born and regardless of the outcome or birth choices, a woman is deserving to connect to what has now birthed in her. 

Yoni Mapping Therapy provides an opportunity for a mother to connect back to her physical body, acknowledge the pregnancy and birth and any grief present, explore how things now feel in the pelvic region compared to pre natal, work directly with any scar tissue or tension present in the vagina and connect to the emotional map within that emerged via your baby/ spirit babies presence in your life. 

“I may be a catalyst, but the truth is that inside every human being is a powerful medicine. When someone is truly heard and deeply seen and truly held this medicine can be accessed and utilised and that’s when sustainable transformations can begin.”
Hayley Fleming

Hayley’s website is: www.earthedintimacy.com

You can contact Hayley via email at earth2comet@gmail.com or via direct message on her Instagram.


Access Hayley’s Facebook page here. 

Testimonial from one of Hayley’s Clients:

Hayley is so lovely, she just makes you feel so calm and reassured and all the things that I was freaking out about telling her just felt really natural to say as the conversation felt so open and safe.

After we spoke about my sexuality and some of my experiences Hayley asked me some questions that helped me to kind of sift through the words and it helped me to see the big picture a lot clearer than I’d ever seen it before. All the dots started to join together.
To be honest this alone was worth the price of the whole 3 hour appointment, I felt so liberated.

When Hayley began the full body massage, I was overwhelmed by her touch. She explained what it may be like before she began but nothing could have prepared me for it. Never in my life have I been massaged like that, I could literally feel waves and sensations all through my body. I just wish I could have Hayley teach all my future partners how to be with my body like that.

I felt like a queen laying there being worshipped or something and it actually brought a tear to my eye at one point in between all of the drooling from her head massage. Wow.

Hayley was slow and respectful as she made her way to my yoni and I really felt safe and empowered through the whole session to be however i needed to be.

She conversed with me about where she was at and taught me about an area of my body that has felt like another planet to me for almost 40 years. It’s like we were becoming reacquainted, like a refresh button was pressed and we had this new opportunity to be friends.

Then i slipped into the deepest meditation I’ve ever experienced. It was like an orgasm but not like one I’ve experienced before. It was like a peaceful one and a deep one that travelled right through my whole body.

As different emotions and things arose in me Hayley seemed to sense it and would encourage me to breathe or move in a certain way that was just perfect for me and really helped me to move with what was arising for me.

Overall the most liberated I’ve ever felt.

It’s been two weeks since my Yoni Mapping appointment now and I still feel the effects of it.
My body and I are getting along well and I’m practicing the “homework” that Hayley suggested for me.

I feel so clear on what I want and am backing myself to speak it more. I’m centred and feel powerful in a really good way.

Im just so grateful that my friend told me about Hayley and that I got to experience this. It’s definitely something I believe all women should experience”

– Jennifer D.

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