Hayley Fleming

Yoni Mapping Therapist, based on the Mid-North NSW Coast

Hayley is a mother of two who is based on the mid north NSW coast.

She has been working closely with women since 2010 by facilitating women’s circles, somatic bodywork sessions, attending birth and mentoring via phone.

After receiving her Yoni Mapping Therapy Certification back in 2017 she traveled around seeing women all over the country and had facilitated approx 450 hours of yoni mapping therapy for women in the first 18 months.
Since 2019 Hayley has been doing a little bit of travel back to see clients in Western Australia, Tasmania and the south coast of NSW but mostly has clients travel to see her on the mid north NSW coast.
Hayley is a bit like an old tree, with roots reaching deep into the earth her presence is sure and steady and like branches of a tree she has a natural way of always reaching towards the sunshine of life.
Hayley is unassuming, earthed and humble. Her presence naturally offers a sacred and profound space for healing and transformation.
With an innate capacity to hear a body and soul speak through touch she has a finely tuned capacity to respond to the human body individually, and utilises the unique medicine of each being in a powerfully validating way.
The natural consequence of being in Hayley’s presence feels like being granted a permission slip to be at peace with the perfectly imperfect being that you are.
She offers the invitation to reclaim forgotten parts of self, your true nature and to feel a sense of clarity about how to utilise your new integrated self in creating the life you know is possible.
You can contact Hayley via email at earth2comet@gmail.com or via direct message on her Instagram.


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Testimonial from one of Hayley’s clients:

Hayley is so lovely, she just makes you feel so calm and reassured and all the things that I was freaking out about telling her just felt really natural to say as the conversation felt so open and safe.

After we spoke about my sexuality and some of my experiences Hayley asked me some questions that helped me to kind of sift through the words and it helped me to see the big picture a lot clearer than I’d ever seen it before. All the dots started to join together.
To be honest this alone was worth the price of the whole 3 hour appointment, I felt so liberated.

When Hayley began the full body massage, I was overwhelmed by her touch. She explained what it may be like before she began but nothing could have prepared me for it. Never in my life have I been massaged like that, I could literally feel waves and sensations all through my body. I just wish I could have Hayley teach all my future partners how to be with my body like that.

I felt like a queen laying there being worshipped or something and it actually brought a tear to my eye at one point in between all of the drooling from her head massage. Wow.

Hayley was slow and respectful as she made her way to my yoni and I really felt safe and empowered through the whole session to be however i needed to be.

She conversed with me about where she was at and taught me about an area of my body that has felt like another planet to me for almost 40 years. It’s like we were becoming reacquainted, like a refresh button was pressed and we had this new opportunity to be friends.

Then i slipped into the deepest meditation I’ve ever experienced. It was like an orgasm but not like one I’ve experienced before. It was like a peaceful one and a deep one that travelled right through my whole body.

As different emotions and things arose in me Hayley seemed to sense it and would encourage me to breathe or move in a certain way that was just perfect for me and really helped me to move with what was arising for me.

Overall the most liberated I’ve ever felt.

It’s been two weeks since my Yoni Mapping appointment now and I still feel the effects of it.
My body and I are getting along well and I’m practicing the “homework” that Hayley suggested for me.

I feel so clear on what I want and am backing myself to speak it more. I’m centred and feel powerful in a really good way.

Im just so grateful that my friend told me about Hayley and that I got to experience this. It’s definitely something I believe all women should experience”

– Jennifer D.

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