Jemma Edwards

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Sunshine Coast QLD

Jemma’s presence is one of loving, wholesome, grounded strength and slowness.

Journeying through Life with her Heart and her Hands, Jemma has seen how the body

responds to kindness and patience … how loving, respectful, honouring touch encourages

deep trust and the body’s innate will to communicate.

Having witnessed how imbalances in the pelvis affect women in both subtle and significant

ways, Jemma has chosen to dedicate herself to this work so that women may experience

the freedom, vitality and spaciousness that comes with deep inner pelvic awareness.

Jemma has a special interest in rectifying imbalances related to the menstrual cycle, as well

as supporting women in pregnancy to create more space in their pelvis in preparation for


As a mother and birth keeper, Jemma holds space for some powerful transcendence & transformation.

Women describe sessions with Jemma as a ‘coming home’ to their body, a journey into the wild forgotten parts of themselves & the reclaiming of all that they are.  From this place, we remember our true nature & our rightful path.

Jemma is based in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, with her family, her garden and her resident python! She travels often to Hawaii (her other spiritual home) and is a lover of ocean and earth.

Testimonials from Jemma’s clients:

“Thank you, Jemma, for creating such a safe space where I could drop really deep and really
let go. I felt so held and nurtured. It was like time stood still.”
– Angela, 31

“This session with Jemma has given me a whole new sense of trust and belief in my body …
I’m looking forward to my birth.”
– Christine, 32 (29 weeks pregnant)

“Since the birth of my daughter 2 years ago, I’ve had chronic hip pain and discomfort and
have been receiving regular physio treatment, the effects of which have been short-lasting.
In 2 sessions with Jemma, however, I can now walk comfortably and I’m actually sleeping
through the whole night without pain! I’m so grateful to have found this work.”
– Jessie, 34 (mum of 2)

“After 3 sessions with Jemma, I feel like a whole new woman. I’ve released years of pain
and layers of conditioning from my body and, at 56, I am more vibrant, energised and juicier
than ever! My husband thanks you – he feels like he has a new wife!”
– Maria, 56

“Every woman should know this stuff!”
– Jen, 28


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