Koryn Lloyd

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Sydney, NSW & Brisbane & Sunshine Coast QLD

Koryn is a sensitive intuitive bodyworker. Sensuality has always lived close to her skin and for many of her younger years, due to common out-dated ways of relating to sexuality, this felt more like a burden than a blessing.

Koryn is passionate about empowering women to free themselves from the paradigm that encourages competition amongst women and the oppression of feminine sexuality. Having met these challenges that many women have faced throughout their lives, she has a wealth of knowledge to work with these challenges, both patiently and compassionately. 

Her desire is to support women to come home to their own bodies – to know that their bodies and their pleasure, are their very own; to tend, to fall in love with and to dance before.

Koryn facilitates a safe and inclusive space in which clients are supported to meet themselves without judgement and instead with the same honesty that she has found to be healing and transformational in her own life. She holds space for the release of shame and other emotions stored in the body and welcomes her clients sovereign reclamation of their pleasure.

Koryn’s life and practice is enriched by her ongoing studies of Non Violent Communication, Core Energetics and Conscious Movement Dance. When not facilitating sessions, Koryn can often be found by the ocean – swimming, dancing and playing with dogs.

Testimonials from Koryn’s clients:

“In my past I’d experienced sexual abuse, medical trauma and emotional, physical and mental abuse.
I felt disconnected from “down there” and I had not been interested in sex. 
At first I felt nothing, like it was someone else’s body, but then because of Koryn’s gentle, nurturing touch and presence, I began to relax and feel.
I have never felt so HONOURED, ALL my body was honoured.
There was nowhere to go, nothing wanted in return. no destination other than to feel and connect.
To come HOME to me. To feel the SOURCE of my being.
Thank you Koryn. Blessings for this beautiful healing work.”

– Anonymous, Sydney

“Koryn held an open, loving and transformative space for me to unfold and discover parts of my heart and past that needed healing, and my achievements that needed self-acknowledgement. Thank you so much for the nurturing session.
I look forward to continuing this work with you. You’re a treasure “

– Karuna Elliott, Sydney

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Koryn offers Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions in the Sydney area, in Bondi, as well as Brisbane area and the Sunshine Coast, QLD. She also sometimes travels to the Blue Mountains area to offer sessions.


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