Maria A

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Gothenberg Sweden

Maria A is originally from the north of Sweden, but now lives in the city of Gothenburg. Even though attending the Yoni Mapping training course meant traveling to the other side of the world, Maria had no doubt – this is work she was called to do!

Having experienced the effects of feeling disconnected from her body and sexuality, Maria is passionate about giving other women the opportunity to reconnect to their bodies and feel more love and appreciation for them. She loves to support women to discover how it is to feel powerful, feminine and sexual, and to have the courage to listen to and express their own inner needs.

Maria has a degree in nutritional science, is a Nutrition- & Wellness teacher, massage therapist, Personal trainer with a special interest in alignment, Restorative Exercise Specialist ™ and MovNat ™ Level 1 certified trainer. She enjoys moving in nature, walking barefoot in the forest, climbing trees and play fighting with her two boys.

When she first heard about pelvic massage a few years ago, Maria felt like her head was going to explode! Realizing that the combination of two of her favourite subjects existed (massage and pelvic health) was like first tasting the combination of chocolate and salted liquorice – the most delicious, and intriguing thing ever!

Testimonial from one of Maria’s clients:

“I en trygg och varm miljö bjöds jag in till att utforska den feminina kraften. Maria gav mig värdefulla kunskaper och behandlingen befriade mig från spänningar som hållit mig tillbaka. Nu känner mig sprudlande av energi, stark och nyfiken på att lära mig mer. Alla kvinnor förtjänar att få en yonimapping!”  ~ Sara

(“In a safe and warm environment, I was invited to explore my feminine power. Maria gave me valuable knowledge and the treatment freed me from tensions that have been holding me back. Now I feel excited, strong and curious to learn more. All women deserve to experience Yoni Mapping! ” ~ Sara)

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