Mariam Nour

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Sydney & Byron Bay NSW

Mariam is passionate about creating a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing space for women to explore their yoni and womb space, their connection to their body & how they would like to nourish that connection. Her passion comes from her journey in cultivating her own connection to her body, her yoni & sexuality after years of feeling physical pain, shame, fear and disinterest in her sexuality.

Touched by random acts of human kindness, Mariam loves nature and animals and the wondrous things they get up to. She is inspired by the marvels of the human body and its magic and is humbled by the privilege of being able to hold space to hear the body of woman speak. Mariam finds herself regularly in awe of the magic of woman- her resilience, her intuition, her profound ability to heal and guide herself, her depth, her capacity for love and her courage.

Mariam is also a Hatha & Yin Yoga teacher, intimacy coach, provisional psychologist and psychotherapist, with several years specialising in sexual trauma and an interest in how emotion is stored and can be moved through the body. Bringing her experience together, Mariam holds an open, deeply grounded and holistic space.

Testimonial from one of Mariam’s clients:

“I have been in the ‘spiritual community’ for a long time now and have experienced many healers, teachers and modalities.

I can honestly say Mariam is one of the most dedicated, unconditionally loving, present healers I have encountered.

Mariam’s raw beingness is so refreshing, no ego, no promises, no expectations, just complete openness. With commitment to self healing, she has carved the space at such a deep level to be a vessel for light and because of this she is able to hold space so well.

My heart is happy knowing Mariam is on the planet helping women heal in such a profound way.”

-Natasha Haddad, Sydney, Australia

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