Michaela Bundgaard

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Copenhagen Denmark

Michaela is deeply passionate about people and loves to support women to live a more conscious and heart focused life. She does this with joyful curiosity and a sincere and powerful awareness that is rooted in a nourishing calmness and compassion. 

People have always felt safe around Michaela, which has led them to share their intimate challenges in life with her and feel relieved and peaceful afterwards.

Even though she is a trained Psychotraumatologist, Phytotherapist, Healer and teacher, it is in the Yoni Mapping Therapy that all of Michaela’s skills come into play for the benefit of her clients. She has a great deal of experience with sexual trauma and trauma in general.

Yoni Mapping Therapy is such a profound method for Michaela to offer, she is deeply grateful and loves to hold that sacred space for women to explore their own depth, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

Not everyone knows this, but Michaela is also an enthusiastic ‘hugger’. She loves to hug trees, animals and especially people – it’s a beautiful way of connecting for her. So make sure to have a hug with her if you get the chance and feel up for it!

Testimonial from one of Michaela’s clients:

“Yoni Mapping Therapy bør enhver kvinde udforske. Det var en helt fantastisk dejlig, bevidsthedsudvidende og positiv oplevelse. 

Jeg følte mig tryg under hele sessionen og det har sat rigtig mange store ting i gang. 

Min session hos Michaela gjorde det meget tydeligt for mig, hvad det er jeg allerinderst går og kæmper med. 

Det her er en af de største gaver man kan give sig selv. 

Hele min forståelse for hvad det vil sige at være kvinde kom på plads. 

Nu forstår jeg hvad det vil sige at tage 100% ansvar for sig selv”.

Louise 36år

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