Patricia Celest

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Sweden and Finland

Patricia is passionate about supporting women’s inner empowerment and has been involved in women’s groups for many years. She believes that the real magic starts and happens within ourselves and that the outer world can just be a support for that. She loves to encourage women to bring out more of their inner feminine wisdom that is sometimes a bit hidden within themselves.

She has studied life coaching, teaching, wellness, healing, dance, movement, voice, aesthetic expression, tantric yoga and yoga philosophy. She loves to hold space for women both through different workshops she facilitates, personal coaching and through yoni mapping therapy sessions.

She is fascinated by the body’s wisdom and especially the wisdom of our yoni / vagina. She has been through her own deep healing journey with her own sexuality and has developed a way to listen and communicate with her own body that has transformed her life. This is something that highly supports her work and ensures she knows how to create a safe space for the women that come for sessions with her.

Patricia travels around the world, but mainly offers sessions in Sweden and sometimes Finland.  Contact her for details of dates and locations. Find out more about her work by visiting her website – www.patriciacelest.com

Testimonials from Patricia’s clients:

“In a tender, soft and gently flexible way Patricia guided me through a mind and body blowing experience. I felt totally safe and held and was free to feel and express everything that came up. I experienced a stress release in my whole body and I have never felt so in contact with my womb and yoni.”

Rigmor, Bodyworker

“I felt safe with Patricia. The yoni mapping session with her has opened up my heart more to myself and to my feminine power, more shame has left and I can now touch my body with love.”


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