This field is unregulated and as such, there are a lot of super short courses out there promising to make you a practitioner in a few days, a week or a month. We strongly advise against any course of this nature, this work cannot be taught safely within such a time frame. Even in a 500 hour, 6 month training (as the Yoni Mapping Therapy training was), we discovered that there were many topics we would have liked to spend more time on.

Bonnie Bliss, the founder of Yoni Mapping Therapy, currently has no plans to offer another bodywork training, as her work is now focused on working online with clients and groups internationally.

However, Bonnie has a Holistic Sex Coaching practitioner training planned for 2025  (due for release mid-2024).

This will be a collaborative project with another expert, all held online. If you would like to be on the list to get details  about this training as soon as they are available, please email us at

Bonnie’s self-paced online programs for personal practice:

The School of Embodied Pleasure

Next Level Intimacy – The Couples Course

Yoni Massage Fundamentals

Loving Men – the Art of Cock Massage


1:1 private coaching or mentoring with Bonnie

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