The Yoni Mapping Therapy training was a 6 month intensive education, a collaboration between a team of facilitators and specialists in various fields, lead by Bonnie Bliss as the head facilitator, offered by the Living Bliss Foundation.


There are no plans for a future training in Yoni Mapping Therapy.

If you are interested in a career in this field, Bonnie strongly recommends spending a few years deepening through your own personal exploration, your own embodied practice and personal therapy to support your nervous system before considering training courses in this field.

This field is unregulated and as such, there are a lot of super short courses out there promising to make you a practitioner in a few days, a week or a month. We strongly advise against course of this nature, this work cannot be taught safely within such a time frame. Even in a 500 hour, 6 month training (as the Yoni Mapping Therapy training was), we discovered that there were many topics we would have liked to spend more time on.

Bonnie’s focus is now on her online training for women and couples. She also takes private coaching clients for 3 or 6 month packages and offers professional mentoring for those in the field. Find out more about her work here and contact her via email here:

If you’re curious to go deeper in your own exploration, we recommend joining Yoni Club, which opens a few times a year.

To stay in touch with Bonnie’s work (and get her free audio training!), get on her email list here.

Yoni Mapping Therapy