Ylia Sawitzki

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Auckland, NZ

Ylia lives with her husband and teenage son in the foothills of the Waitakere ranges on the green fringes of Auckland, New Zealand.

She has been a midwife for 17 years as well as a sculpture artist and a Reiki and intuitive massage practitioner. Yoni Mapping for her is like the icing on the cake – or the cherries on the blackforrest gateau, as she is originally from Germany! It is a culmination of the variety of her careers and interests that have all revolved around her fascination with intuitive bodywork and healing.

She stumbled into personal development at the age of 18 and it’s been one of her passions ever since…deeply immersing herself into meditation, the Avatar training and EFT (emotional freedom technique).

Other passions include bushwalking, beach combing and nude swimming (again that German thingy),free dancing, creating ritual space and spending quality time with her family.

Working as a midwife has given Ylia a deep appreciation for our collective journey as women. In birth –as in life – we can experience the whole spectrum of emotions; from intense pain to intense pleasure…Ylia sees Yoni Mapping as an amazing pathway to accessing our innate states of deep yumminess and bliss.

Testimonials from Ylia’s clients:

“Thank you from my heart for the loving support you offer in a very sensitive and for me highly charged area of my being… You are a natural at Yoni mapping and I would recommend you without hesitation!”

Ingrid, Therapist, Auckland

“Thank you for a beautiful session!! I really appreciated your presence , skill and ability to hold space so gently and carefully. I really felt that you were not attached to any agenda and this allowed me the space to go where I needed to. I have felt terrific afterwards with increased presence and sensitivity in love making.”

Claire, Midwife, Auckland

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