“So, what’s the difference between Yoni Massage and Yoni Mapping Therapy?”

This is a question I get asked often – it seems there’s some confusion about these different modalities.

The field of Yoni related bodywork is largely unregulated and kind of a minefield. There are all kinds of practitioners out there doing all kinds of different things – some of them AMAZING, in full integrity and really clear and clean, and some of them a little bit dodgy, to be honest.

What does ‘Yoni Massage’ mean?

Well it means different things to different practitioners – depending on who you ask or who you go to. Technically, it just means there’s some kind of massage of the vagina area – but within that, there are so many other elements to consider. Sometimes it’s just a massage. Other times there’s also coaching or talk therapy. Sometimes it’s related to the field of Tantra somehow. Or it could be more therapeutic, or more of an ‘energetic healing’ thing. Sometimes it’s an amazing practitioner and you have a mind-blowing experience. Sometimes its someone who just wants to touch vaginas for work (let’s face it, they’re out there!)

Some practitioners have qualifications in all kinds of different modalities, some have never done any kind of course or training at all. Just because someone is formally trained with lots of related qualifications doesn’t NECESSARILY make them a good ‘Yoni massage’ practitioner.

So you might go to a practitioner like Elise Savaresse in Byron Bay for example, who works with women offering Yoni Massage sessions. With Elise, a Yoni Massage session would be 3 hours long in total. There would be some talking beforehand, feeling into where you’re at and what you’d like to explore in the session. The bodywork part would be a journey of discovery – working with sensitivity, awareness and expansion of energy in the body. There would be a whole body massage, followed by a slow, gentle, consent-based experience of external and internal yoni massage (if you felt ready for that).

You might do an online search and find someone who offers Yoni Massage, who has a nice website and some good testimonials… and book in a session, only to find that you leave feeling weird, unsafe and a bit confused about what it was about. Or it could be an amazing experience that feels really empowering and inspiring – where you leave feeling full of energy and excited to learn more.

My point is, it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re getting. So, if you’re interested to explore ‘Yoni massage’, I recommend going to someone that has been recommended to you by someone you trust, or really doing your research beforehand, asking around and maybe arranging a phone chat with a practitioner to see how it feels. You could ask a few questions about their method, noticing if you get a good feeling from the phone conversation or if something doesn’t feel good for you.

And remember that ‘Yoni Massage’ only means that there’ll be some kind of massage of the Yoni (vagina) – so everyone works in different ways. And every session is different – You could go to one practitioner and have a vastly different experience to your session with another practitioner.

Confused yet? 😉

Let me also add that I’ve received Yoni Massage from maybe 20 different practitioners in the last few years, and every experience has been completely different for me. Many of the experiences I’ve had have been deeply healing and powerful.


Ok, so what is Yoni Mapping Therapy then?

So ‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’ is a very specific healing modality that I developed, informed by 5 years of exploration into a wide range of pelvic healing modalities – such as Yoni Massage, Sexological bodywork, Gestalt therapy, Karsai Nei Tsang (Taoist therapeutic abdominal genital massage), Muscle corrective therapy and urogenital osteopathic techniques, amongst others. No-one else teaches ‘Yoni Mapping Therapy’ in this form – although there are people who do things with a similar name (but those are different!)

Yoni Mapping Therapy has many elements, but essentially it’s a 3 hour session encompassing coaching, education, home-work (or home-play, as we like to call it) whole body massage, gentle external and internal vaginal mapping and massage, as well as therapeutic pelvic and abdominal massage.

As ‘Yoni Mapping Therapy’ practitioners – we work with a range of different areas…

*Getting to know your Yoni and your own pelvic region

*Internal pelvic massage for birth preparation

*Emotional healing from past experiences

*Releasing chronic pelvic tension

*Loving your body and trusting your Yoni

*Bringing more sensation and blood flow to the genitals

*Learning about your various pleasure zones

*Post-partum pelvic care for new mothers

*and a whole lot more!

How do Yoni Mapping Therapy Practitioners get qualified?

So this year the Living Bliss Foundation offered the first training ever in ‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’ as a holistic pelvic wellness modality for women.

It was a 6 month course with 3 x one week retreats and LOTS of online content and home practice. There were more than 10 different teachers offering different aspects of the training including training in birth preparation, trauma, pelvic anatomy, fascial anatomy, the nervous system and more.

There were 25 women in the course, all inspiring me with their openness, integrity and willingness to dive deep with this work. I can personally recommend any of them for a session. As Yoni Mapping Therapy practitioners we all abide by an ethical Code of Conduct and guidelines of what happens in a session – there is a general structure and system to ensure that everything happens slowly and safely for our clients. 

All Yoni Mapping Therapy practitioners on this site will offer a free 15 minute phone chat if you’re interested to find out more or just connect and see if you feel inspired to have a session.

Find a practitioner near you.

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