You’re all over the WOMEN’S WELLNESS REVOLUTION right?

(It’s totally a thing now – get with the program 😉 )

You get the whole thing with work-life balance, stress reduction, nervous system harmonising, exercise, nutrition, gut health and emotional healing.

You’ve read the research. You know that “sitting is the new smoking” (apparently!) And that stress is the new silent killer (shit!)

Maybe you get it SO MUCH it’s actually a bit overwhelming and confusing. (At least, it is for me!)

Maybe you’ve been to see practitioners. Lots of them even. Kinesiologists, chiropractors, a plethora of bodyworkers, naturopaths, reiki masters, trauma therapists.

All great and useful modalities.

But then there’s still that niggly little thing that you might be ignoring – like many women I speak with.

I totally get it, it’s hard to deal with pelvic related stuff sometimes.

We often avoid dealing with Pelvic related challenges for a few reasons…

  • It’s such a taboo area in our culture
  • We don’t usually talk about it with friends
  • There’s often shame or guilt associated with it
  • …Which means that we can easily think that we’ve got issues that other women don’t have (not true, btw!  )
  • We’ve never really learned much about this stuff
  • There’s conflicting and confusing information online
  • There’s this widespread cultural idea that anything pelvic related is somehow sexual or about sex / orgasm / pleasure
  • It’s the ‘Elephant in the Room’ that we don’t want to deal with.
  • Shouldn’t everything just WORK down there anyway!? WTF!?

Well it just doesn’t always WORK.

For many reasons.

Here are some of the signs that your pelvic wellness could do with some attention…

  •  You feel totally disconnected from your pelvic area since… well… god knows when.
  • You have pain during intercourse or chronic tension generally in the pelvis / lower abdominal area.
  • You’re just not feeling interested in sex or intimacy lately.
  • You’re exhausted, stressed, drained and generally not feeling in your body.
  • You’ve had a baby and since then things feel physically different down there.
  • You only experience pleasure around the area of the clitoris and the internal area feels kinda numb and blah.
  • You think the way your vaglna looks is wrong, weird, gross, disgusting or ‘abnormal’.
  • You’ve experienced sexual trauma / had lots of unwanted sexual experiences – and you feel like it might be affecting your current sex life.
  • You’ve experienced abortion / miscarriage / traumatic or highly medicalised birth and things just feel unresolved in your relationship to your pelvis since then.
  • You’re pregnant, aware there’s some old stuff to deal with, and you’re wanting to make GOOD FRIENDS with your pelvis before the baby comes.

OK, I get it… so how do we get into this pelvic wellness thing then?

So there are a bajillion different ways to explore this region and come to a place of balance, wholeness, relaxation and pleasure.

The way that I’m most familiar with is exploring a Yoni Mapping Therapy session from one of our 26 registered and certified practitioners around Australia and the world.

This is a pelvic wellness modality that I created about 6 years ago as a response to all the women who were coming to me with all kinds of challenges in this area.

It’s a holistic modality that honours the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual AND sexual aspects of you. Everything is welcome.

We work with a variety of different approaches, techniques and combinations of modalities to create a safe and peaceful session for you to discover the inner world of your pelvis.

You can read all about it on this website if you’re interested to learn more.

However, if it doesn’t feel right for you, you’re not in the right area for a practitioner or money is an issue, etc…

There’s a great FREE e-book to download on here that you might like called:


Full of lots of great practices and approaches to explore.


xx Bonnie

Yoni Mapping Therapy